G-TEC Service, our technical assistance facility uses highly trained engineers to provide a reliable and competent technical support and after-sales service.

G-TEC Service can provide customers with:

A dedicated CALL CENTRE for connection to the service organisation. Service personnel are always available and ready to provide advice and assistance regarding UPS installation, maintenance, fault finding and repair.


A fast repair on site is guaranteed through the use of state-of-the-art technology and the professionalism of the service personnel and Authorised Assistance Centres in the region. G-TEC Service guarantees that failed parts are replaced with original ones, tested and updated in order to maintain the safety, reliability and operating characteristics of the products.


G-TEC Service can provide assistance during commissioning and startup of the equipment on-site with additional training during handover to site personnel.

G-TEC Service engineers can also verify site suitability, analyse and advise on potential problems, and disconnect and relocate equipment.

G-TEC Service recommends that all hardwired installations are commissioned by G-TEC Service engineers.

MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS can be provided by G-TEC Service to minimise response times and repair costs. Contracts range from periodic inspections to comprehensive cover including labour and materials.

G-TEC Service organises regular TECHNICAL TRAINING COURSES for operators and installers.

An optional TELEGUARD software package provides remote 24 x 7 monitoring supervision of G-TEC UPS. TeleGuard can interrogate G-TEC UPS connected to a local telephone line to check on their operating logs and system status.

Should the UPS report an alarm condition, the G-TEC Service Call Centre is immediately notified and a dedicated customer response activated. Routine site reports can be sent automatically to customer personnel.

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