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Total Energy Solution Provider

G-TEC Group of Companies was establised in 2004, with its offices located in Vicenza ITALY and Singapore. Its primary business activities are providing total energy solutions, offering sales and services of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) as well as Solar Energy, Industrial and Stationary Batteries, Generators, Chillers and related energy products and services.

G-TEC Asia Pacific with its International Sales and Technical Support Headquarter being situated in Singapore is in-charge of the Asia Pacific and part of the Middle East markets. It has a team of expertise with majority having 25-30 years of experience in the field of energy management in project sales and services. Its team comprises of top management staff, project managers and engineers with profound energy management skills and knowledge, has been serving its customers/business partners in all parts of the Asia Pacific and the Middle East Region, and is known for providing excellent service value that is embedded in its corporate culture.

G-TEC offers customers/business partners with one-stop-shop solutions to their energy needs: thus, eliminating customers/business partners the tasks of managing multiple suppliers of which, their valuable time could otherwise be spent in enhancing their other core activities.

G-TEC strives to focus on providing solutions for customers/business partners at all times. Its challenges are none other than putting its customers/business partners first in priority and its customers’/business partners’ needs are always pivotal.

G-TEC’s business mission is highly geared towards providing customers/business partners with state-of-the-art products - A mission that is mapped up solely in providing the best products that will help generate benefits for all its customers/business partners.

G-TEC works as a business partner with all its customers, endeavoring to learn and discover at all times, the needs of its customers in order to provide good and valuable solutions to the energy needs of all its customers/business partners.

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