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Many electrical devices are designed to work with a stable sinusoidal AC voltage; but in reality very often the devices have to face more problematic conditions such as:

  • Not sinusoidal supply voltage due to harmonics in the mains caused by non-linear loads
  • Supply voltage fluctuations, it can as fast as few milliseconds of transient voltage spikes for example due to distribution lines hit by lightning; or as slow as several seconds, or minutes, or even hours of decrease in nominal voltage level for example due to dynamic large loads connection; motor startup; undersized distribution lines; faults to ground; poor MV voltage regulations.

As result, reduce productivity, data loss, security failure, machine faults, inaccurate information and domestic inconveniences are only few of the examples of potential problems caused by unstable power supply; eventually all these will reflect in higher managing costs.

Voltage Stabilizer has been proven to be an effective solution to prevent potentially dangerous situations created by the stable input voltage.

  • High output voltage stability guaranteed even for drastic input fluctuation
  • Smooth and reliable regulation of the load voltage ensuring a ±0.5% accuracy
  • High efficiency
  • High inrush current withstand ability
  • Overload capability up to twice the rated current for max 2 mins
  • Robust and reliable construction, allowing for use in hard environments

GTEC offers the following main product range:

range from 30kVA to 1250kVA
3 phase Voltage Stabilizer

range from 60kVA to 6000kVA
3 phase Voltage Stabilizer

range from 60kVA to 4000kVA
3 phase Voltage Stabilizer


  • Telecommunication; Radar Installations
  • Hospitals; Test lab and Research Centers
  • Manufacturing Facilities; Food & Beverage manufacturing Facilities
  • Rail & Hyrdo Facilities
  • Sensitive Electronics
  • Military Facilities
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