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MUST 400

The MUST 400 series is an uninteruptible power supply, three phase input/output, with its module capacity ranging from 10KVA, 15KVA & 20KVA (model: 10PM, 15PM, 20PM). It is designed to cover power rating from 10KVA to 400KVA. and is designed to deliver the best combination of reliability, functionality, hot swapping and flexiblity at a competitve price.

The MUST 400 series modular UPS combines the lastest three-level IGBT technology with DSP control arithmetic. Along with high input power factor, low THDi and high efficiency, this product achieves very high load adaptability.

The modular UPS ensures reliable and trouble free operation for the critical load. The MUST 400 series can be easily expanded by adding power modules to the system to reach 200KVA in a single frame. It is possible to connect two frames in parallel to reach maximum 400KVA power.

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