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miniMUST 1090

The miniMUST 1090 series The miniMUST 1090 is a scaleable, hot-swappable true on-line double conversion modular uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system.

It can be configured as (N+X) to meet the most demanding loads, such as: Data Centers; Servers racks; Industrial automations and other mission critical loads where redundancy; flexibility and reliability are important.

Power module is designed with two capacities. 10PMX and 15PMX with unity output power factor (PF1), 10kVA/ 10kW and 15kVA/ 15kW, thanks to the State of the Art technology, power module has higher capacity and more efficient than others in the completion,it is fully compatible with down-stream loads or devices with it’s unity ouput power factor design, thus no oversizing of UPS is needed

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